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Lensa Recruiting Software

The Lensa Recruiting Software is recommended for companies who regularly conduct recruitment but where the results and processes of recruitment are only traceable using hard-to-read, manually managed tools (such as Excel files).

With the aid of the Lensa Recruiting Software the process and statuses of recruitment becomes transparent. Reports can be compiled and costs can be measured.

Are the following difficulties familiar?

  • Duplicated CVs
  • Nerve-racking and time consuming pre-screening
  • Difficulty in the organization of applicant documents
  • Regular out-of office work, where the applicants’ files should be taken
  • Having to send the same message to numerous applicants
  • Sharing notes, applicants’ documents with colleagues and other departments
  • Time-consuming job postings
  • Time wasted having sent messages to each applicant one by one
  • Systematization of applicants for a given position often becoming obscure
  • Uncertainty as for the most efficient advertising source

The advantages of the integrated applicant database

  • Organized records: all applicant and recruitment data are in one place
  • Continuous access: the online database can be accessed any time, any place
  • Ease of use: all applicants are automatically submitted for the appropriate recruitment
  • Efficient time management: You can control and check where the individual applicants are in the given recruitment process, at any time

Applicants are able to submit their applications without the need for registration.

Applicants receive an automatic confirmation message after submitting their application.

In the confirmation, applicants receive a link where in addition to document attachment they can upload their CV data to the database in detail.

Incoming applicants can be immediately filtered or sorted.

In order to enhance the image of the brand for employees, automatic messages can be customized to comply with the company’s brand identity.

Online recruitment records:

You can access recruitments and applicants at your comfort any time, any place.

Create an ad and set your requirements:

Simply create a recruitment, set up the advertising sources and just accept applicants.

Finding and filtering applicants:

You can quickly and easily search for applicants in your customized database based on flexible criteria.

Reports for tracking efficiency:

Generate a report on applicants, recruitment or the efficiency of sources with the click of a button.

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