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HR Services for our Clients

“In the recruitment/staff leasing agency market everybody claims to stand out, to be different. We are not different. In fact, what we do is the same as all the other companies. The way we do it is what makes us different.”


Our trained and dedicated team seeks out the most suitable candidates for the needs of our clients requiring HR services. During recruiting, we assess the suitability of the candidates through professional, personality and competency tests as well as using the interview techniques required by the position so that our clients receive not only a forwarded CV but a complete application package and a candidate that best suits their needs.

Our goal is to surpass the expectations of our clients and candidates by delivering sincere, high quality and cost-effective HR services. Our team is committed to establishing a long-term relationship with both clients and job seekers.

Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the sectors they represent thus their expertise helps us to find the most suitable candidate for the position being filled. We focus on the following key areas of expertise:

  • IT Development
  • IT Operation
  • Manufacturing, Production
  • SSC
  • Sales, Marketing
  • Finance, Accounting
  • Procurement, Logistics
  • Administration Assistance

Recruitment Process

During our personal consultation with our partner, we assess the business needs, prepare the profile of the given position, agree on the optimal recruitment process and select the appropriate methodology. Within 2-3 weeks of the commission, the first candidates will be presented. The application packages we deliver contain the candidate’s CV, salary request, interview notes and the test results.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In the framework of our recruitment process outsourcing service we take over the entire recruitment and selection activities and deliver them in a customized form based on the business needs and the company’s internal processes.

Thanks to our HR services: backed-up support, database and search techniques, our outsourced HR staff support our clients as true business partners for faster and more efficient search and entering of new workforce.

“When do I need this service?”

  • When there’s a sudden staff expansion and there aren’t enough resources to manage this; there is no HR department or it is insufficient in size and hiring new colleagues is not worthwhile for this duration
  • When there is no recruiting experience for a given sector
  • Our commitment is much greater than with traditional recruitment, we are virtually colleagues

What the service includes

  • Compiling the requirement profile according to the expectations of managers and business needs
  • Recruiting, pre-screening, arranging and conducting both telephone and personal interviews
  • Evaluation of the candidates with the professional managers
  • Supporting the selection process
  • Delivering offers and notifying rejected applicants
  • Workplace entry
  • Preparing the necessary reports and documentation in the timeframe and format required by the client
  • Company representation

Executive Search

Finding the right colleague is a key task for every job as the company’s main capital is amassed by the employees who work there. The risk entailed in executive positions is even greater as the prospective manager will need to make decisions that the company’s future may rest on. Therefore it is vital that the new executive should be able to fill the position not only based on their professional experience, but also their personality, competences and motivation. Otherwise, at best, no later than one and a half years later, changes will be required once again, as the statistics show with regard to a significant proportion of newly hired senior executives.

The way we work

As head hunters first of all we strive to understand the organizational structure, corporate culture and the given trade sector and market environment as thoroughly as possible. Then we outline the profile of the ideal executive, we analyze the opportunities and possible risks together.

We not only know where to look for the most suitable candidates for the company’s goals and needs, but also how to speak to them and how to raise their interest in a new opportunity, even if they are not thinking about switching.

During the personal interviews we assess the necessary competences and prepare a detailed characterization of the proposed candidate in which management skills, personality traits and integration into the organization are analyzed.

After entry, we support the integration of the new leader with personal consultations and coaching.

Outplacement Services

Numerous market conditions may arise that force a company to carry out larger scale staff redundancies. In the event that this should happen all the support that the organization can provide to the employees concerned can help them in processing the events and support their quicker placement. In addition, this also sends a positive message to remaining and prospective staff.

The caring type of support we offer during layoffs is a fusion of the collaborating organizations and programmes based on the problem-solving cooperation between the employer and the employees. We use both external and internal resources to redirect the redundant employees’ negative impulses and energies in order to promote their adaptation to the labour market.

In our experience successful outplacement services focus on interactive and practical engagement with the employees being made redundant. During the course of the program we help participants to get acquainted with their individual abilities and opportunities through group and individual consultations and provide specific, practical advice and tools to aid them in their job search as efficiently as possible.