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Workplace Competency Tests for Recruitment and Development

You can choose from over a hundred workplace competency tests that will make choosing the right candidate(s) more efficient based on the most diversre personality traits, motivations, skills and competences as well as other soft-skill competences (communication, cooperation, leadership, conflict management, etc.).

The Vienna Test System is a test system suitable for measuring competence that can be requested by our clients as a software license or as a service.

Software License Option

When using the tool in the form of a software license, our Clients themselves carry out the assessment of prospective and existing colleagues using the automated system and select them based on their own set of criteria.

Workplace Competency Testing as a Service Option

If you wish to use competence testing as a service, our partner, At Work Kft. undertakes the entire testing process (organization, test recording, reporting, consultations, feedback).

Competence assessment via testing can also be used effectively to help in selecting a candidate about whom we not only know their individual competence profile but information about way they will operate in the team in the future too.

Would you like to develop the existing members of your team? You can do this with our workplace competency tests too. Please contact our colleagues about using these in the HR field!

Workplace Competency Tests – the measure of outstanding people and teams.

Measuring leadership potential

Engineer tasks

Test packages for career beginners and interns

Administrative, call centre capability tests

Sales tests

Precise suitability testing of blue collar workers